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Prof. Takanori Tsutaoka in Hiroshima University has passed away on February 28, 2019.

 Prof. Takanori Tsutaoka in Hiroshima University, a member of the Hiroshima University Research Center “Chiral International Research Center”(CResCent) and JSPS Advanced Center Formation Project, has passed away on February 28, 2019.
 Dr. Tsutaoka vigorously studied the crystal growth of complex magnetic materials mainly using the arc method, with Dr. Nikolai Baranov of Ural Federal University in Russia. And some samples have a chiral magnetic structure. He was a type of researcher who studied in depth. The proof of chiral magnetic structure was expected to be completed in some samples. He was lamenting that there was not enough research time for recent chores.
 In deepest sympathy.

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Katsuya Inoue