"Toward a New Class Magnetism by Chemically-controlled Chirality" - Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research [KAKENHI] (S) -
"A Consortium to Exploit Spin Chirality in Advanced Materials" -JSPS Core-to-Core Program, A. Advanced Research Networks-


Reasearch Group / KIBAN (S)

Group Leader

Members of a Research Project

Reasearch Group / Hiroshima University Core Project

CResCent(Chirality Research Center) Orranization Chart

Hiroshima University

  • Katsuya INOUE (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Research in general, Material synthesis
  • Kazunori UMEO (Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development)|Very low temperature experiment
  • Norio OGITA (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Raman properties, phonon analysis
  • Takahiro ONIMARU (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)| Measurement in ultimate environment, Inorganic Synthesis
  • Akio KIMURA (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopy
  • Kenta SHIGAKI (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|High Energy Nuclear Physics
  • Takashi SUZUKI (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of MatterGraduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Ultrasonic properties, Dielectric properties
  • Shinichi TATE (Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life)|Protein science, Biophysics
  • Sadafumi NISHIHARA (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Molecular and inorganic synthesis
  • Takeharu HAINO(Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Functional solid state chemistry,
    Polymer chemistry
  • Takeshi MATSUMURA (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Measurement in ultimate environment, Synchrotron X-ray diffraction
  • Alex Bogdanov (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Theory
  • Leonov ANDREY (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Physical theory  Self-introduction
  • Goulven Cosquer (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)|Coodination Chemistry

Other University

  • Takahisa ARIMA (The University of Tokyo)|Optical properties
  • Shigeo OHARA (Nagoya Institute of Technology)|Rare earth-metal compound synthesis
  • Masao OGATA (The University of Tokyo)|Computation physics
  • Yusuke KATO (The University of Tokyo)|Physical theory
  • Jun-ichiro KISHINE (The Open University of Japan)|Physical theory, Physical design
  • Tsuyoshi KIMURA (The University of Tokyo)|Inorganic Synthesis, Multi-ferroics
  • Yuusuke KOUSAKA (Osaka Prefecture University)|Inorganic Synthesis
  • Yoshihiko TOGAWA (Osaka Prefecture University)|Lorentz electron microscope, Electronic properties
  • Masayuki HAGIWARA (Osaka University)|ESR measurement of inorganic chiral magnetic material
  • Masaki MITO (Kyushu Institute of Technology)|Ultrasonic properties, Special measurement
  • Hiroyasu MATSUURA (The University of Tokyo)|Computation physics
  • Daichi YOSHIZAWA (Institute for Molecular Science)|Chiral Plasmonics
  • Javier CAMPO (Spain, Zaragoza University)| Neutron diffraction
  • Istvan Kezsmarki (University of Augsburg, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)|Skyrmion
  • Malcolm Kadodwala (The University of Glasgow)|Chiral plasmonnics
  • Dominique Luneau (Lyon University 1)|Coordination Chemistry
  • Isabelle Gautier-Luneau (Neel Institute)|Crystal growth
  • Kseniya MARYUNINA (International Tomography Center SB RAS)|Molecular synthesis
  • Bertrand Menaert (Neel Institute)|Crystal growth (Flux method)
  • Igor Proskurin (University of Manitoba)|Physical theory, Physical design
  • Ivan I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado at Boulder)|Chiral Liquid Crystal
  • Julien Zaccaro (Neel Institute)|Crystal growth (Solution method)

URA: University Research Administrator

  • Manabu KOSAKO (Director of the URA Division, Department of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration, Hiroshima University)
  • Rumiko SHIMABARA (URA Division, Department of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration, Hiroshima University)

Office assistant staff

  • Satomi YANAKA (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University)

Evaluation Committee

  • Jun AKIMITSU (Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Okayama University, Emeritus Professor of Aoyama Gakuin University)
  • Hiizu IWAMURA (Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo, Kyushu University, Institute for Molecular Science)
  • Eiko TORIKAI (Emeritus Professor of University of Yamanashi, KEK)
  • Fernando PALACIO(Spain, Zaragoza University)

Reasearch Group / Frameworks of Core-to-Core Project