"Toward a New Class Magnetism by Chemically-controlled Chirality" - Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research [KAKENHI] (S) -
"A Consortium to Exploit Spin Chirality in Advanced Materials" -JSPS Core-to-Core Program, A. Advanced Research Networks-


  • *JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) (No. 25220803)
    “Toward a New Class Magnetism by Chemically-controled Chirality” Abstract
  • *Hiroshima University “CResCent(Chirality Research Center)” AbstractHP of Univ.
  • *Core-to-Core Program “A Consortium to Exploit Spin Chirality in Advanced Materials”

Purpose of research

The fundamental A, “chirality of the crystal and the magnetic property” and “establishing synthesis strategy of chiral magnet” (hereinafter abbreviated as “ fundamental A”) were worked out by the applicant and his collaborators, chemists and physicists. The researchers of each discipline which are “material research”, “structure / physical properties measurement” and “theoretical physics and chemistry” revealed the chirality’s association between crystal structure and magnetic properties (spin structure) in a comprehensive and systematic over organic and inorganic materials. The purpose of this project is to develop them based on the results of “fundamental A”. Especially, we will establish the method “to control the spin phase in macro scale” and create the new research field of material science. We will use the linking crystal chirality (chiral electric field), magnetic chirality (chiral spin structure) and elastic chirality (chiral stress field) for controlling spin phase in macro scale.

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About CResCent : Chirality Research Center

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