May 18, 2024 中国四国錯体化学研究会 兼 錯体化学若手勉強会

Mr. Matsuki, a graduate of the group, gave us sweets

2023 group photo

August 2, 2023 錯体化学若手研究会「錯体化学若手の会夏の学校2023」

June 24, 2023 Summer Softball Convention

June 15, 2023 Symposium on Molecular Chirality 2023

May 27, 2023 中国四国錯体化学研究会

March 20, 2023 Micron Factory Tour


2022/7/13 party with KROKHINA ALEXANDRA

2021 group photo

December 23, 2019 Wrap up party for second semester@“Roan”

2019 group photo

October 1, 2019 Congratulations! Ms. Tatiana

August 26, 2019 various party!@“Tengame”

July 19, 2019 Wrap-up party for first term@“Aka tyouchin”

June 23, 2019 Spring Softball Convention

April 11, 2019 Cherry-blossom viewing party@Kagamiyama park

April 6-8, JSPS Core-to-Core Program “Chiral natural philosophy”

– Wind Of Change –
Created by Andrey LEONOV

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Miss Cristina S. de Pipaon(スペイン、ザラゴサ大学)審査

Dr. Milagros Tomas (Spain, Zaragoza Univ. ),
Dr. Jose Ramon Galan Mascaros (Spain, Catalan Institute of Chemistry),
Dr. Marie-Helene Lemee-Cailleau (France, Institute Laue Lagevin),
Dr. Garry McIntyre (Australia, Australian Nuclear Science and Tech. Organisation),
Miss Cristina S. de Pipaon,
Katsuya INOUE(Hiroshima University),
Dr. Andra Caneschi(Italy, Florence Univ.)